OMEA Competitions

Marching Band

For parents new to marching band, one of the most important things to know about a competition is that you must be in your seat before the band starts to play or you’ll miss the performance. If the band is scheduled to perform at 5:30, you must be in your seat at that time. If you arrive at the stands later than that you won’t be allowed into the stands.

When a band is playing no one is allowed to move in or out of the stands. The only time movement is allowed is the 5 minute window between performances. Please note that this just isn’t a courtesy. Volunteers will be stationed in the stands preventing movement in and out. Competitions run punctually, with performances every 15 minutes.

We recommend arriving at the stands 20 to 25 minutes before the Mustangs perform so that you can move into your seats before the band that precedes the Mustangs. If you try to arrive 10 minutes or less before the Mustangs perform you risk missing the performance.

The competitions are run as fundraisers by the music boosters of the host school. There is usually a nominal admission charge, and the concession stands sell the standard fare.

Parking can be a problem at some of the competitions. Please allow yourself ample time to find a parking space and to walk to the stadium.

Large Group

Solo and Ensemble

Each year, the districts within the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) host Adjudicated Events to challenge musicians in a small group setting or as a soloist.  Each event (whether a solo or an ensemble) is performed in front of an OMEA judge for a rating from I-V, with I (superior) being the highest rating.  Occasionally students will ask to perform in “Festival Class” for comments only.