Calendar – subscribing

Google calendar users and Mac users on iCal can subscribe to the online calendar. Changes made to the online calendar will be reflected in your Google calendar or desktop iCal calendar. We regret that there’s no easy way for Outlook users to subscribe, it requires downloading a separate program. See below for more info.

Google Calendar Users

Under “Other Calendars” in the left column, click “Add” then select “Add by URL”

In the “Public Calendar” box paste this:

Click “Add” and you should be subscribed.

iCal for Mac Users

Click here

When iCal opens with the “Subscribe to calendar” dialog box filled in, click “Subscribe”

Then you’ll get another dialog box where you can enter a name and description of your choice. Under “Auto-refresh” choose the “Every day” option. If you don’t select an “Auto-refresh” option the calendar won’t automatically update in iCal.

Click “OK” and you’re done and you never have to do this again.

Outlook Users

Adventuresome Outlooks users may want to check out Google’s info for syncing with Outlook.

Please note we have no way of testing this, we can’t vouch for it’s effectiveness or it’s ability to screw something up. And it’s totally Google’s fault that there’s no easy way to do this. Sorry!